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In this blog, I shall continue to focus on the Creative Intelligence in Me that is the Source of all power, all love and all wisdom, that which makes life wonderful and magical.

Other names I use for this Creative Intelligence is the Consciousness, Improviser, Light, the Magic, the One, the Presence, Spirit, the Wonder or God.

I'm a pragmatist at heart. That's why I believe it's not enough to just know about the Intelligence, if the Intelligence can't be demonstrated on a practical level, I have no interest in it. I shall, therefore, be sharing my experiences of the Magic in all aspects of my every day life.

Please note theses articles are based on my personal beliefs and realisations and not meant to instruct readers in any way. I am simply sharing what I find meaningful. Make of them what you will.

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Unless otherwise stated, all articles and photos are copyright © 2012-2015 Enocia Joseph. You have my permission to copy and distribute articles for personal use only. Please include the link to the particular blog. For any other use other than personal, and any comments you might have, please email theoneinall@googlemail.com.

All my love and gratitude to All who help to make the Magic happen.