Saturday, 14 April 2012

Walking Companion

As I was walking to the bus stop, I saw this man I usually see in the park walking his two dog. He was waiting at one bus stop. He asked me if I was catching the bus from there. I said I was walking down to the main road to catch my bus. He said instead of waiting for his bus he might as well walk with me and catch his bus from the main road, though we would be travelling in opposite directions.

As we walked, my friend told me he was on his way to a butchers to get meat for a barbecue he's having with his wife tomorrow. He said he prefers to get his meat from there as  meats in supermarkets don't taste nice. I told him my mother used to shop at that butchers years ago. I said with all the changes, it's one of the few shops that has remained in business.

It' was good to have my friend's company if only for a short while.

The world is full of walking companions. Sometimes they appear as humans but most of the time, they appear as cats. I'm not fussed how my walking companions appear. As long as they're fun to be with, that's all that matters.


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