Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Trust in Love to Sort Out the Details - Revisited

One of my mother's relative and close friend passed away recently. As my mother wasn't able to attend the funeral, the woman's two children (son and step daughter) came to visit her yesterday to show her the photos and talk about the event.  It was the first time I'd met either of them.

This particular son was very close to his mother. He was her carer for many years until she had to  go into a residential home where the professionals took over. So he was the one who arranged the funeral and the reception.

He said after his mother died, he was worried about how much it was all going to cost as he was expecting a lot of people to turn up.  (Two hundred people turned up at the funeral). When he asked his other brother, who is a lot more financially well off, to contribute to the reception he refused as he thought the venue was too expensive.

Then amazing things started to happen.

He started receiving money through the post by well-wishers. Every time there was a particular need, he received the right amount of money to cover it.  He said everything has been paid for. Those who attended the funeral and reception have been phoning him to thank him for the way he'd organised everything so perfectly.

The man said he had a feeling his mother had played a huge part in ensuring that everything went swimmingly.

The strange thing was as he was talking I started seeing mist in the room.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I dismissed it. Then it happened again and I could see this thick mist swirling in the room.  Although only I could see it, I had a feeling I was sensing the woman's presence. I told everyone what I was sensing and they said they had a feeling their mother was with us.

I have seen that "mist" before on a few occasions.  See The Mist.

I thought the story of the funeral was a wonderful demonstration of the power of Spirit/Love to sort out the details.


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