Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Relax and the World Relaxes with You

While I was on the computer, I started feeling intense period pain.  Fortunately, I was at home so I went to lie down. Although I was feeling tense,  I told myself I was feeling relaxed and my body relaxed. Within a few minutes I was back on the computer.

After I shared my experience with my mother she said her biggest problem is she's always stiff and can't relax.  She said once at the hospital when they were about to give her injection and she was very tense they told her they wouldn't do anything until she relaxed.

"How can you relax when you're in pain?"  she said.

I told mum that our thoughts and feelings affect our bodies and environment.  I find when an experience is occurring that is not to my liking and I resist it or I'm afraid of it, I feel tense and the situation or condition gets or feels worse.  When I relax, the situation/condition also relaxes and either passes without incident or it becomes formless and ceases to exist.

"How can you make yourself relax when you're not feeling relaxed?" she said.

I said while I can initiate relaxation by telling myself I am feeling relaxed, I can't make relaxation happen.  Relaxation happens naturally of its own accord in rather the same way my hair grows naturally without interference.  I have to let go and trust in the relaxation process.

When I am feeling relaxed, the world relaxes with me.


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