Friday, 27 April 2012

Rainbows Can Appear without Rain

As I was walking to the bus stop, it started to drizzle.  I thought to myself that as much as I appreciate rain and its many uses, I still don't like it.  I prefer dry weather,  radiant blue sky with lovely fluffy clouds.  It then stopped drizzling.  The clouds parted and the sun came out.

It was then a thought occurred to me that if there was no rain, there would be no rainbows and I love rainbows. 

I can still see rainbows after the rain, as long as I'm not walking in the rain.

At the bus stop, there was a huge traffic jam.  I noticed a lorry standing right in front of the bus stop had the name "Rainbow."

Aha!  Just proves my point that rainbows can still appear without rain.


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