Friday, 27 April 2012

Let Me In, Love!

"I believe life is a game consisting of two teams. One team is doing all it can to keep us living in fear of our surroundings and people around us by constantly coming up with strategies and rules to keep us in more fear and bondage....While one team is busy distracting us with fear strategies, the other team is actively setting us free and uniting us with our good." ~~ Why Love Always Wins
As humans, we make up lots of rules about how things should or shouldn't happen.  I find the easiest way to bypass those rules is to ask Love who knows nothing of rules. 

When I noticed my bus was already at the stop and was about to move, I knocked on the doors but the driver ignored me.   When I banged harder on the doors,  he opened the doors.

"You're not meant to distract the driver!" he said.

That was my cue to get on board.

Thank you, Love! ;-)


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