Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Huffing and Puffing

Most mornings when I'm walking through our local park, I see people doing their exercises, at least that's what they look like to me.  Some are power walking and others are jogging.  There are those, like me, who are just walking through the park, those walking their dogs and the odd cyclist.

One thing I've noticed with the people doing "exercises" is they always look the same.  As I see it, if your intention is to lose weight, look younger, get fitter, there has to be evidence of all that hard work. 

Just yesterday I thought of one woman who I see huffing and puffing her way around the park. We usually wave at each other as she jogs by.  It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't seen her in a few months. I wondered how she was.  This morning I saw her doing her huffing and puffing routine. As she jogged by me, I waved and told her I'd been thinking about her.

Did my friend look leaner?  No, she looked the same and older.

Why is it after all that huffing and puffing, nothing changes physically; at least not from where I'm standing?

I believe it's because most people are fighting against an invisible force aka their belief system.  Even if you have the will and determination to get fitter and healthier, since the dominant belief of humanity is that our lot in life is to grow old, get sick and die, as long as you've bought into that belief, you're fighting a losing battle. The more you resist the belief the more you magnify the conditions. Physically, you either stay the same or you look worse. 

Instead of killing myself exercising, I believe in doing the exact opposite.

No exercising!
No dieting!
Do Nothing!

Just be happy!

Things tend to work out when you're happy being yourself.  Your body will adjust itself to what's right for you.

If part of being yourself involves jogging, running, hiking, cycling, power walking, body building and lots of huffing and puffing, I say go for it!

I'm a huge fan of going for long walks and I do it because I love it.


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