Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How Lovely!

I saw this man at the park walking his dog.  He smiled and said hello and I said hello.  His dog approached me and licked my hands. The man assured me his dog was friendly. I told him it was OK as I love all dogs.  After patting the dog's head, I asked the man what breed it was. He said it was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.

My friend said when they first found the dog she had been abandoned and was in a very poor state physically and emotionally. He managed to track her owners down but they didn't want her back. He and his son decided to foster her for about 6 months but after that they fell in love with the dog and couldn't let her go nor did she want to leave either.  He said over the years she's grown more confident and can even approach people without being nervous.

I told my friend the dog probably found him as she knew she would be loved and accepted at his place.  I wished them lots of happiness.

I love stories like that!


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