Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hidden Talents

When I was a child I liked drawing and I was very good at it too.  I reckon if I had continued, I could have become a fine fine artist. One day I stopped drawing.  I just lost interest. I guess deep down I knew I wasn't here to become an artist.

Does that mean that drawing talent is gone forever?  No, it's still there, it's just that I choose to have it "buried" for now as I prefer to express myself in writing.

There are lots of other talents I have in me that I've deliberately "buried" because I don't wish to be distracted. One talent I haven't used that much that I've started using again is the power of calling on Joy.

Years ago, I discovered that just by calling on Joy I could transform a room into Joy.  It's rather like a music producer tweaking with different frequencies and creating different sounds.

Once I was attending this healing workshop that was being hosted at this woman's place.  While we were having a tea break the host approached me and told me she was concerned by the dense atmosphere in the room, which she believed were being caused by negative thought forms.  She wondered if I could do something to clear it up.  I promised to work my "magic."  In thought, I called on Joy and blessed the room with Joy.  After a few minutes the woman told me the room was a lot lighter. The only snag about changing the frequency of the room to Joy was the Joy was so potent it affected our moods and a few of us got the giggles, which annoyed the tutor as he didn't think we were taking his teaching seriously.  I can't help if Joy has taken over and making me joyful for no reason at all! Tee hee!

I also discovered that I could do the same with Peace.  I can walk in a room that is tense and call on Peace and there would be tangible Peace that would change not only the environment but people's attitudes.  I remember once sitting in this library and a lot of school kids came in.  As they were making a lot of noise, I blessed the area with Peace.  They left shortly after. It did backfire on me though because I became so relaxed I fell asleep and I couldn't keep my mouth closed. I was even dribbling.  Ha!

I believe we all have  "hidden talents" where we can call on Joy or Peace or whatever attribute and transform our lives and environment.  It could be people don't use their hidden talents because: (a) they've forgotten they have those talents; (b) they have chosen not to use them, just like I have chosen not to develop my drawing skills; (c) they've been so conditioned to the "human way" they don't believe it is possible. Remember the host at the healing workshop could sense different energies but she didn't think she could get rid of them so she asked me to do the deed.

I have to admit, I haven't been using my hidden talent to call on Joy directly as I've been focused on expressing my joy in other ways.  Well, I'm about to remedy that.

Next time you feel yourself getting the giggles for no reason at all, you'll know what has happened.

Joy to all!


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