Monday, 12 March 2012

Why Things are Not How They Appear

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Why Things are Not How They Appear

If Love is all there is and Love wants everyone to be happy, why would Love allow people in "power" to deceive the masses for their own interests?

Why would Love allow one nation to colonise another or wage war on another?

I am reminded of one of a classic Star Trek Original episode called Errand of Mercy. Captain Kirk and Spock are sent to a planet called Organia to warn them that the Klingons are about to take control of their planet. Although the Organians are grateful for the information they decide not to defend themselves. When the Klingons appear and take control of the planet, the Organians refuse to defend themselves. Even when the Klingons kill lots of Organians, they refuse to fight. Kirk and Spock are really disappointed with the Organians' "sheep" mentality and decide to take matters into their own hands and fight the Klingons. Just as battle is about to commence, both sides find their weapons inoperable. The Organians then reveal who they really are as powerful light beings who are determined to live in peace and will instantly neutralise anything that challenges their peace. In truth, the Organians were never threatened by the Klingons as they knew they were invulnerable to all weapons anyway.

Back to the question about Love's apparent apathy. I believe since Love is all there is, the oppressors and victims are also Love. However, because the victims and oppressors are not aware of their identities as love, they continute to fight the dream battle between "good" versus "evil".

As it is not Love's nature to oppose Himself, Love will allow the discord to continue, while always reminding people of their nature as Love. Those who are aware of their identity as Love are like the Organians in the Star Trek episode who know that they are always safe in their own "planets". I believe when everyone awakens to their identity as Love people will stop fighting each other and will live in harmony with one another whether they share the same beliefs or not.

No matter how things appear, Love is all there is.


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