Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Whoosh Game

Sometimes, when I'm going for my long walks, I have this game I like to play with myself where I visualise the world as an incoming and outgoing tide of infinite love. This tide moves at the speed of thought. I imagine the tide making a whoosh sound as it comes in and out.

While I'm playing this game I am very conscious of how Love is directing my steps and actually moving me.

As I was having fun with this game, I was inspired to walk through this particular park. I was looking forward to seeing a pink car that's usually parked on the side street but it wasn't there. Never mind, at least I can walk via the local canal. Just as I was turning into the road where the canal was, I felt this Force moving my head the other way and I spotted a pink van driving by.

I then admired the boats moored on the canal.

At another intersection, I wondered what route to take. I felt like going right. At the end of that road, I felt the Force moving my head again in one direction just in time to see another pink car driving. Aha, so that's why you wanted me to walk this way so you can show me another pink car.

As I was walking down this road, I spotted two cats and I said hello. I'd actually seen one cat earlier that day sitting in a flower pot enjoying the sunshine. He hadn't moved when I had called him. This time, he was near the front gate. He let me stroke its body for a few seconds and then walked away.

On another road I met another cat friend whose miaow sounds like he's saying "Hello!" His "hello" is so loud and it sounds hilarious! He led me to a front garden, presumably where he lives, but you never know with cats. He then rolled on the dirt. It was as if he was saying to me, "This is where I have fun!"

I also noticed the pink tinges on the clouds as the sun was setting. Beautiful! They reminded me of a friend who is mad about clouds.

I also do find people I meet along the way are so friendly when I'm playing the "whoosh game."

Whoosh of love going in and out...in and out.


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