Friday, 9 March 2012

A Whole New World - My Mother's Dream

A while back, my mother had a very prophetic dream which I recorded on my Nothing Wrong with Me blog. I believe the message is still relevant now so I'm reposting it here.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Whole New World - My Mother's Dream

My mother shared two vivid dreams she had last night. She has given me permission to share them on my blog in case anyone finds them helpful.

In the first dream mum found herself on the first floor at a branch of Marks and Spencer (a department store) where she likes shopping. She noticed the floor was empty and wondered where all the stock was. She was told that everything had been moved to the ground floor. There was a woman with her two children on the same floor. As there was no power on that floor the escalators weren't working. The kids walked down the escalator anyway but mum and the woman found walking down the escalator difficult so they found another way to get down. When she arrived downstairs she realised that the floor not only had a superabundance of stock, there were many shops and banks there too. It was like entering a whole new world of abundance she never knew existed. However, mum didn't feel like she belonged there and wanted to return to the floor above. Just before she did, she woke up.

In the second dream, she was with a celebrity whose daughter passed away years ago. As the woman was upset, mum tried to console her. Before mum left she reminded the celebrity of a passage from the Bible which she believed will help her get over her grief.

"Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee."Isaiah 60: 1
Mum said she doesn't usually remember her dreams and was surprised how vividly she could recall her dreams. I reminded her that she's been religiously listening to a relaxation CD that she got from a hypnotherapist she saw recently. I said it seems like she's being shown things about herself in the dream.

This is what I believe her dream means.

In the real world, that particular branch of M & S has four floors including a basement, but in my mother's dream there were only two floors one with no stock and the ground that was superabundant. I believe the first floor represents that part of her that struggles and feels pain etc. The ground level with all the wonderful shops and stuff represents her true self that is whole, happy, and has all her needs met superabundantly.

(It's interesting how the kids had no problem getting to the ground floor as children are still very much open to who their true self).

Mum was curious enough to explore the ground floor of plenty, as indicated by her getting to the ground level even though she struggled to get there, why didn't she want to stay on that floor? Is it possible she's not yet ready to be her true self?

It reminds me of a conversation I had with her after her visit to the hypnotherapist to help manage her pain. I asked her why she would want to manage the pain when she could get rid of it. I said there must be a part of her that wants to hold on to the pain for whatever reason. It seems to me that part of herself not willing to release the pain is represented in the dream as her eagerness to return to the floor above. At least she woke up from the dream before she returned to that floor.

I believe in the second dream, the upset celebrity represents my mother's own sadness and frustration that she feels about herself. The good news is when she's feeling down, her true self is always consoling her and reminding her of the Truth of who she is - the Light.

Mum said when she woke up this morning, she repeated that verse from the Bible to herself.

Even though my mother's dream related to her personal experience, I can also relate to it. I believe there are indeed two levels of awareness - surface mentality of lack and belief in separation; and the deep mentality of oneness. I believe that every moment I am being guided by the One in me to my good.

The Light is here now.
There's a whole new world awaiting those who listen to their hearts.

Thanks for the message, mum.


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