Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Travel Guide

During the bus journey, an announcement came on that the bus was on a diversion. I rang the bell and prepared to get off at the next stop. While I was waiting, I noticed a woman asking the bus driver if he was going to a particular station. He said he wasn't. He asked her where she was from. He started speaking to her in fluent Italian but he mentioned some street names in English. I presumed he was explaining to the woman what route he was going to take. Before I got off I heard the woman asking him (in English) how long he'd been here and he said a long time.

For me, the conversation I observed on the bus demonstrates the Creative Intelligence at work.

The Creative Intelligence in all knows everyone intimately and what each individual loves or is good for them. He can anticipate every move each individual makes.

The Creative Intelligence in all is an expert at everything. There's not a single problem that the Intelligence cannot resolve.

The Creative Intelligence in all doesn't play favourites.

Once you live with the awareness of this Intelligence in every situation and every moment, you can just relax and let the Creative Intelligence do what It's been designed to do i.e. create happiness and harmony for all.


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