Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Travelling Companion

During my bus journey I heard a passenger downstairs asking the bus driver about where a particular library was but the driver didn't know where it was. I came downstairs and told the man I was going to the same place. I said he could come with me. I told him that as the bus was on a diversion we were going to have to walk a lot further than normal.

When we got off the bus, it was raining so I let my friend walk under my umbrella. My friend told me he was attending an IT seminar at the library. He said he'd never been to that part of London before. He marvelled at the tall buildings and said he would love to work there some day.

If the young man had been shy about asking, I wouldn't have heard him. He ended up not only being guided by someone who knows that area like the back of her hand, she was also going to the same place.


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