Monday, 26 March 2012

Style and Substance

When I saw this dog at the park, I asked the dog's "owner" what breed it was. She said it was a mixed breed, which she got very cheap because of its lack of pure pedigree. I don't suppose the dog cares whether it's a pure pedigree or not. It's us humans who get hung up on a dog's breed and giving them value. As long as the dog is well looked after, that's all that matters.

Later I met this man walking his dog, an Afghan Hound and it was so beautiful, it was poetry in motion. Although the dog was only 5 months old he was already very tall. He was still at that stage where he bites everything including my hand but it was done very playfully and wasn't painful.

I know what I said about humans getting hung up on pedigree but...some breeds are just too gorgeous to resist.

Style or substance?

I'll take both, thank you very much!


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