Monday, 5 March 2012

One Complaint Leads to Another

At some point while I was in the library there was a really loud noise outside. One of the librarians announced that someone had complained about the noise and they were sorting it out.

I thought to myself that the problem with complaining is that you get into the same thought stream as other people complaining and you end up having something else to complain about.

When the racket ceased, one of the users in the library shouted: "Encore!" which made me titter. It reminded me of the song: Encore Une Fois by Sash and I decided to listen to it.

While I was listening to the song, the fire alarm went off and we were all asked to vacate the building.

What did I say about once you complain about something, you have something else to complain about? Not only did I now have the smoking alarm situation to complain about it was freezing outside too.

I decided I wasn't going down that road!

As we waited for the fire alarm to be sorted out I focused on things I was grateful about at that moment.

I'm grateful I have my jacket, scarf and gloves to keep me warm.
I'm grateful it's not raining.
I'm grateful there isn't a real fire.
I'm grateful I'm not complaining.

When we got back into the building I had one minute remaining on my computer. I was grateful I was able to sit on the same computer and continue my work.

Imagine if we never complained even when there appears to be cause to complain. All physical, emotional and mental complaints would vanish!

I would rather be grateful, than complain unless when I'm complaining in jest!


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