Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Let Go and Let God

What does "Let go and let God" actually mean? Do I just let God do everything and I just sit around and do nothing all day?

Because God is my/our Universal Self, I am always doing the work anyway either through my human instrument or through others.

While I was at the toilets in the library I got chatting to this young woman. She said she'd left her jacket in the library and went to collect it. As I was enjoying chatting to her, I decided to wait for her so we could have a few minutes together before I set off home. When she came out, she was now chatting to a man. I told her I was leaving. She said she was meeting a friend later and she had about 30 minutes to kill and wondered if I wanted to hang out with her. I asked her about the man she'd been talking to, who was still hovering. I said I didn't want to interrupt their conversation. She insisted she wanted to be with me. It was then I realised she was trying to get away from the man she'd been talking to. I suggested going to a local art centre to chill out. She agreed.

On the way, she teased me about how dense I had been picking up on her "rescue me" signals. The centre was cosy and warm. We chatted about life. My friend is at that stage in her life when she's trying to find her niche in life. She's the first in her family to have gone to university and she feels her younger siblings are looking up to her to set an example. She's also feeling the pressure from her parents to settle down. She feels there are not many jobs out there for graduates. I told her she needed to keep believing in herself. As I'm a lot older than her (though she thought I was her age), she teased me about not being aware of the latest music trends. My friend was a lot of fun to be with.

When it was time to leave, my friend asked if I could show her how to get to the nearest tube (underground) station. I told her I would take her there. I needed to go past it anyway to pick up a free evening newspaper. I took her to the station and before I left we exchanged hugs.

In the above example I've just described, my/our Universal Self attracted me to a friend I resonate with. I then "rescued" my friend from unwanted attention; I kept my friend company as long as she needed me; I then took her where she needed to go.

When I go on my long walks, I am letting my/our Universal Self, who has inexhaustible energy, express through me and move me. That's why I don't feel tired.

There are times when my/our Universal Self expresses through me in ways that cannot be explained in human terms. These are usually classed as miracles or supernatural. For instance, once I was struggling to open a lid and I just asked the lid to open and it popped upon. Once a friend and I were moving a table which got stuck because the walls were narrow. In thought I asked for help and the wall shifted. My friend, who had also observed what had happened, asked me what I'd done and I told him I had asked God to move the wall. I've had lots of experiences in the realm of the miraculous.

For me, "Let go and let God" is simply about letting my/our Universal Self express as me. Then life is easy, fun and wonderful.

I let go and let God.


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