Saturday, 17 March 2012

I Want! I Want!

At the supermarket, I noticed this woman walking with her son and daughter. The boy pointed at a gobstopper machine and said: "I want one of these, mummy!"

His mum walked right past the machine.

We all got on the lift together to the car park.

On the way up the boy said: "I want a watch, mummy!"

"I want! I want!" I said to the boy. "Don't you ever stop wanting?"

"I just ignore him," his mother said.

"I want a watch, mummy," he said.

"Can you tell the time?" I said to the boy.


"Then why do you want a watch when you can't even tell the time!" I chuckled.

"Thank you!" the woman said. "Listen to the lady, she knows what she's talking about."

When we got out of the lift I waved goodbye to the woman and her kids.

I want, I want, but are you ready for it?


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