Friday, 16 March 2012

For Dog Lovers

As I was walking in a particular area, I thought of a friend who lives close by. Since I met him and two of his dogs a few weeks back, I've been sending him and his dog lots of love. I wondered how he was.

I then heard my name being called and saw my friend and his dog walking towards me. I told him I'd been thinking about him. I asked him about his dogs. He said the one he was currently walking was very energetic. The other one's condition hasn't changed but my friend said he is optimistic about the dog.

He also gave me a DVD which he was carrying in case he saw me.

The DVD is called: In Search of the Truth About Dogs produced by "Canine Health Concern." (My friend participated in the video, he's the one with the Whippets).

I watched the DVD last night and it is very interesting. Check it out!


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