Friday, 2 March 2012

Following My Hunch - Part 2

So I met up with my friend and his dog for healing. (For background info see Following My Hunch).

I didn't go to his house after all as he thought I wouldn't have any peace and quiet there because of his other four dogs. So he brought his dog in a van and asked if I could work with her at the back of the van.

Although my friend was pointing out what was "wrong" with the dog, I couldn't "see" that. I focused instead on the love I was feeling for the dog. She was whining a lot as I believe she was uncomfortable and a bit nervous. I just petted her and kept assuring her that she was safe with me. At one point, she rested her head on my knee.

After I finished, my friend asked if he could give me a lift home and I accepted his offer.

On the way we chatted about his passion for dogs, the work that he does with dogs and what motivates him. I asked him if he'd ever watched the reality TV show called The Dog Whisperer where Cesar Millan works with problem dogs. My friend said he had. I reminded him that Millan usually finds it is the dog's "owner" whose consciousness that needs to shift; and when that occurs the dog's behaviour is transformed. I said to my friend that I was sensing a similar dynamic occurring with his dogs who are extensions of his consciousness and beliefs. He said he could see where I was coming from. I am not going to reveal the details because of healer/dog confidentiality. Haha!

By the way, my friend said his other dog with the hump that I had laid my hands on the day before was running around the next day and full of energy.

I told my friend I will continue to keep him and his dogs in my thoughts and send them love. I trust Love is working everything for the best for all concerned.

My friend promised to keep me posted.


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