Monday, 19 March 2012

Doing Without Doing

Although I know how to tap into inexhaustible energy within me, which gives me bundles of energy when I go on my long walks, I still feel aches and pains in my body. This suggests that I'm still doing the walking.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit stressed and angry over a personal matter. I figured if I went for one of my long walks I would feel better but it wasn't doing it for me. It was only when I started walking without walking that I started feeling better. By this I mean, when I relaxed, my footsteps felt very light and I could hardly feel my body. I ended up walking 10 miles. I didn't feel any of the body aches I sometimes feel after such a long walk.

Doing without doing is really about being kind to myself. It's about doing everything in a relaxed way.

Now that it's getting warmer, I intend to do lots more walking in a relaxed way, naturally.


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