Saturday, 17 March 2012

Calm Down, Dear!

The other day when a friend was giving my shoulders and back a massage I could feel a lot of tension. There were some points that even felt painful. My friend suggested I see a chiropractor to get rid of the knots.

I've always thought of myself as calm but my body and my thought have not been in alignment.

To help me relax, I've been telling myself to relax and I have been sending out peace to all.

Today at the supermarket, I noticed they had not only moved their stock around in the drinks section, they didn't have my favourite drink. For a fraction of a second I felt myself panicking then I said to myself "Calm down! You can always get another brand!"

I felt my whole body relax. I decided to get another brand of drink.

I am calm in every moment.

ps: I ended up finding my favourite drinks at our local corner shop at a special offer so I ended up getting two bottles.


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