Monday, 19 March 2012

Being Fully Present

On last night's Dancing on Ice (the reality TV show where celebrity skaters are paired off with professional ice skaters and compete against each other), a judge awarded a celebrity skater 9.5 out of a possible 10 for her performance. Last week that same judge gave her 6.5, which the other judges disagreed with. In his defence, the judge said that he felt the celebrity wasn't there but this week he said "You are so back!" The judge went on to describe how the celebrity used every piece of the music to express herself.

I found the judge's comment very interesting and so true.

Just because my body is present doesn't mean I am always there. When I am fully present, I am not only alert to all the good in the present moment, I am expressing the Wonder that I am.

What are the things that distract me from being fully present?

Thinking too much; feeling guilt and regrets about the past; worrying about the future; having doubts; feeling fearful. I have observed too many absences can lead to stress, illnesses and even accidents.

Just as well I was fully present then when I was watching that episode of "Dancing on Ice" or I would have missed out on that wonderful present.


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