Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Inner Motor

In my body is a technology of immense power and energy.

I don't notice it so much during the day when I am busy doing stuff but the moment I sit still or when I go to bed I can hear the "motor" running inside of me, non-stop; and it makes a humming sound.

It makes me generate a lot of heat too.


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There's Always a Way Around Something

When I read a notice that my blog provider was going to upgrade shortly, I figured I might as well upgrade my blogs now so I can get used to the new way of doing things. I discovered the browser I work with did not support the upgraded blog and some of the tools were not working properly. My blog provider suggested I try another browser. After I downloaded the browser they suggested, everything was working fine.

It was then it occurred to me that I work a lot on the library computers that have the old browser and I doubt if they are about to update their browsers any time soon. Why do they have to keep upgrading and not take into account users' needs? Obviously to make more money. Maybe, I should just change my blog provider.

I then calmed down and thought to myself that there's got to be a way around this.

I had a thought that when I'm using any public computer with the old browser, I can compose my post on my email and then copy and paste it on the blog. When I'm at home, I can use the new browser.

I've tested the idea and it works.

When I KNOW there's a way around something, that way reveals itself.  I find I need to be calm though to access that Inner Knowing.

ps: I discovered a few computers in the library have been upgraded with the latest software so I can actually work on those ones.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blooming Marvellous!

As I was walking home, I suddenly had a thought to remind my mother to call her gardener to come and tidy up the front garden as the hedges are growing wild. Maybe, he can come round in two weeks.

Just as I was about to cross another road, I saw a car approaching. I waited for the car to go ahead before I crossed over but the car stopped at the junction and the driver beeped at me. It was then I realised that the driver was my mother's gardener. (His wife was sitting beside him). When he wound down his window, I told him I'd just at that moment been thinking about him and was going to ask mum to call him. He said he was really busy but could do the garden in two weeks.

Did I sense the gardener's presence and then have the thought of him or did my thought manifest his presence?

Who cares! Our timing was blooming marvellous anyway!


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The Two Channels

"There is a plus-entity and minus-entity in every human body that is born into the world. Whichever one of these is favored by the flesh becomes dominant; then is the other inclined to abandon its habitation, temporarily or for all time." ~~ The Magic Story
Over the last two weeks I've felt like I've been living two different lives.

There's the me that's been going through emotional turmoil and been depressed about some personal issue.

There's the other me that has been untouched by the drama. For her, nothing has changed, everything is hunky-dory. She continues to do what she loves, be in joy and focus on fulfilling her dreams.

How can I be two people at the same time? Surely both of them can't be real?

The me that is untouched by "drama" and is always happy is the real me. In her world, there is nothing to heal or fix; everything is always working out for the best. The other me is the fictionalised version of the real me that has been created to survive in this world. Both selves are rather like two different radio channels. The real self is the Inspiration channel and the other self is the Drama channel. The Inspiration channel is constantly broadcasting inspiring and feeling good messages. The Inspiration channel also emits a particular sound in my head that feels really good and relaxing. The Drama channel is constantly broadcasting messages about problems in the world and how to fix them. In short, listening to the Inspiration channel makes me feel joyful while listening to the Drama channel makes me feel miserable. It's up to me to choose which radio station to tune into at any moment.

For instance, the last time I had a cold, even though I had a runny nose and I was feeling dreadful, I kept telling myself (broadcasting): "There's nothing wrong with me! I'm feeling good!" and just relaxed. By the next day, the cold had cleared. Just recently when I started experiencing symptoms of a migraine and listened to the Inspiration channel, I was told to just relax and focus on joy and I didn't get any headache.

I have observed those who are fans of the Drama channel are either uplifted by those who constantly listen to the Inspiration channel or are repelled by them.

So while I have been dealing with some emotional issues, I'm choosing to listen to the Inspiration channel. I know everything is working out for the best.


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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Song of the Day - 16

"Rising to the Top" by Keni Burke.


Sticks and Stones

When I noticed a woman and a little boy stooping down, I was curious.

"What are you doing?" I said.

"We're picking up stones?" the woman said.

"Why?" I said.

"My son likes throwing them in the river," she said. "That's what we do all day pick up sticks and stones to throw away."

The boy showed me the stones he had in his hand. He looked so proud of himself, I couldn't help but feel happy for him.

Sticks and stones are not meant to break someone's bones but to throw in the river.


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New Way to Love

During my walk through the forest, I had a thought that I was going to experience a whole new way to love.

Within a minute I saw a woman surrounded by a sea of dogs with all but one of them attached to a lead. I presumed she was their walker. As I was approaching, the dog not on a lead broke away and ran towards me. I stroked his head and said hello. Another dog with wet paws pounced on me.

"It's OK, it's only water not mud," the woman assured me. I patted the dog's head and said hello.

Another dog wanted his had patted too, and another.

"You can't leave any of them out," the dog walker said.

After I had patted all the dogs (around 10) and said hello I patted the woman's arm. "I don't want to leave you out either!"

"People are usually so focused on the dogs they usually forget about me," she laughed.

I met two more dog walkers. I said hello to their dogs but their dogs were too busy exploring the forests to stop and play.

I look forward to many new ways to express and share love.


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How to Break Up a Fight

So I was sitting on bench overlooking the river and enjoying the forests and listening to the birds singing. I marvelled at how even the birds were singing at different pitches, there was complete harmony.

Suddenly, the harmony was interrupted by two water birds (possibly moorhens) fighting.

"Stop fighting!" I thought but the fight only got worse.

I then visualised a ball of light in my hand and threw it at the birds. They instantly stopped fighting and swam in opposite directions.

Peace was restored in my bit of heaven on earth.


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Monday, 26 March 2012

Style and Substance

When I saw this dog at the park, I asked the dog's "owner" what breed it was. She said it was a mixed breed, which she got very cheap because of its lack of pure pedigree. I don't suppose the dog cares whether it's a pure pedigree or not. It's us humans who get hung up on a dog's breed and giving them value. As long as the dog is well looked after, that's all that matters.

Later I met this man walking his dog, an Afghan Hound and it was so beautiful, it was poetry in motion. Although the dog was only 5 months old he was already very tall. He was still at that stage where he bites everything including my hand but it was done very playfully and wasn't painful.

I know what I said about humans getting hung up on pedigree but...some breeds are just too gorgeous to resist.

Style or substance?

I'll take both, thank you very much!


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The Power of Delete

Now that I have bigger storage space on emails, it's tempting to keep all emails.

I find it only useful to keep emails that resonate with what I believe in otherwise I just delete them. Sometimes, I don't even bother reading them.

If I've had a spat with someone via email, I delete the thread.

I find when I delete emails, I'm not only deleting the belief system that I don't resonate with, I'm also letting go of the emotions that came with it; and for me, that experience never happened. In other words, I am now giving myself a clean slate.

There's power in the delete button.


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We Really Can't Complain

I was chatting to a friend about a documentary I watched recently about parts of India and how there's so much poverty there. My friend said in his country (Uganda) things are really tough for a lot of people. I told him it's the same for people in Sierra Leone (where I lived as a child). I said life in the UK is like living in heaven compared to some parts of the world.

My friend said people complain about the cost of living over here but if you know where to look you can get your food for free. All you have to do is know when the supermarkets are chucking away food that have gone passed their sell by date and you can just help yourself to them.

I once watched another documentary where someone tried to prove that the food supermarkets throw away are still nutritious. He ended up using them to prepare cooked meals for thousands of people.

Another friend once shared this story with me. He was in a supermarket and observed they were about to get rid of the sandwiches so he grabbed one but they said he couldn't have it as it was against their policy. My friend couldn't understand why not as they were getting rid of them anyway. He wouldn't let go of the sandwich. They had to call a security guard who wrestled him to the ground and grabbed the sandwich from him. I was creasing up while he was telling me the story. The irony is if my friend had waited till they chucked the sandwiches in the bins outside the supermarket, he could have helped himself to a sandwich or two.

For us living in the West, there's a lot to be grateful for.


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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quote of the Day - 7

"I might be the underdog but tonight I feel like I'm under God." ~~ Chico on Dancing on Ice Final

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

I Do Give a Damn!

While I was in bed last night I got thinking about the final scene from the movie Gone with the Wind when Scarlet O'Hara finally realises she loves her husband, Rhett Butler, but by then Rhett has had enough and is about to walk out on her. She asks him what she's meant to do without him and he says: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!"

Scarlett decides she will go home and think of another way to get him as "After all, tomorrow is another day." In the sequel, they do get back together.

As I was going around the supermarket aisle, I heard a woman arguing with her daughter about buying something she couldn't afford. She said, "I don't give a damn!" in a Jamaican accent.

I was so stunned by the remark, I stopped and shared with her about having the same thought last night. She said she'd never heard of the movie. I don't think she was even taking in what I was saying as her mind was on her shopping. I wished her a good day and continued my shopping.

Later, I decided to use an empty checkout to pack my shopping. On the way, I bumped into this woman and she said, "Sorry, dear!" I realised it was the "I don't give a damn!" woman.

On the lift to the car park, guess who was travelling with me? My "I don't give a damn!" friend and her family.

I wondered if she was aware of the synchronicities. Maybe, she was but she didn't give a damn! :-)

Just as well I was aware because I do give a damn about these things!


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Friday, 23 March 2012

Billy No Mate

As I was walking down this particular road, I could hear a cat miaowing on the other side. I continued walking but the miaow got louder and louder and was so plaintive, I was concerned. So I crossed over the road and walked back, checking in front of each house, until I saw the cat sitting in front of the door.

"Hello, you!" I said.

He ran down the stairs towards me, miaowing loudly. He came as far as the gate but not close enough for me to reach out and stroke him. I stayed outside the closed gate.

"What's up, mate?" I said. "Have you been locked out?"


"Don't worry, sweetheart! Your friends will be home soon and they'll let you in, OK?"


"Take care, sweetheart!" I blew him a kiss. "Bye!"

My friend had now calmed down and was now sitting as quiet as a mouse. :-) As I walked away, he remained silent and there was no more of the plaintive miaow.

No need to feel like Billy no mate, you've got a friend in me.


Thursday, 22 March 2012


One of the many ways my prayers are answered is through songs.

An issue came up that I was praying about. When I went to bed that night, I started hearing four words, which I recognised as part of a hymn that I've heard my mother sing. I had a feeling it was in response to my prayer but I didn't know the rest of the words. I thought I'd ask my mother the next day or look it up.

The next day, I couldn't remember the words. I dismissed it. I figured if it is relevant I will remember.

In bed last night the words popped up again in my thoughts and kept going round and round. When I woke up this morning I still remembered it and I've now looked it up.

The hymn is called "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and those were the four words I'd been hearing.

Here's the first stanza and refrain.
Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father;
There is no shadow of turning with thee,
Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not,
As thou has been, thou forever will be.

Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!
For the full hymn go to Great is Thy Faithfulness

The hymn is about one of God's attributes - faithfulness; meaning, God doesn't make a promise and then changes His Mind somewhere down the line. Only humans can do that. What God has promised for all time is for all time.

It was a perfect response to what I'd been praying about.

Message received, loud and clear! Thank you!


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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Feeling Like Lucy in the Sky

In one of my dreams last night, I kept hearing the Beatles song: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. When I woke up the song was still going round in my head. I wondered why I was thinking of it. I even looked up the lyrics, which sounds to me like someone being really high on something.

Later, I started having symptoms of a migraine i.e. blurred vision, the Inner Voice told me to relax and just observe. As I relaxed I could see that the blurriness were shades of light moving slowly from the left to the right. I noticed when I focused on the shades of light I couldn't see properly but when I didn't I could continue to read my emails.

I then started calling on joy and radiating love.

By the time my vision cleared I was flying so high like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", I felt no headache. I continued to think of joy as I walked home and I met some lovely people along the way including my cat friends.

Joy lifts me out of the doldrums.


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How Amazing is That!

During a recent football match between Tottenham Hotspurs and Bolton Wanderers, Bolton footballer, Fabrice Muamba, collapsed with cardiac arrest. The match was abandoned.

I've just read that a Tottenham Hotspur fan, who happens to be a cardiologist, rushed to help him.

One of the wonderful things I observed was while Fabrice's heart appeared to be closing down on him, all over the world, millions of people were opening their hearts and sending him their best wishes.

It's also wonderful how there was a cardiac arrest expert present during the match. Reminds me of when I was run over, there was an ambulance close by which took me to the hospital.

I hear Fabrice is now doing well. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Love is always meeting the need.


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Active Intelligence - Revisited

After praying about a particular issue that was concerning me, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of the latest advert by Santander.

The advert is for a particular account which enables customers to save and accrue interest in every moment. It has people in various walks of life and there's a voice saying: "You talk, you save; you walk, you save; you play, you save..." etc. I believe the message is you'll always benefit if you bank with us.

I knew this advert was a response to my prayer.

For me, the recurring "You Save" mantra in the advert represents the nature of the Creative Intelligence/God in all which is always active. Where there is an active Intelligence at work in all situations and experiences at all times, things can only get better and better. In other words, I was being reminded that regardless of how things appear, God is active and it's all good.

Thank you, Santander, for the timely reminder.


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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Love Supports

In an episode of the TV soap Coronation Street that I watched last night, after Kylie has had a fallout with her son's headteacher, she decides to educate him at home. The headmaster pays Kylie a visit and advises her to bring her son back to school but Kylie refuses. The headmaster warns Kylie she'll soon realise what she's taken on board.

In the meantime, Kylie's mother-in-law does some research on the Internet about home schooling and prints out lots of information about each subject's curriculum. Kylie is overwhelmed by what is expected of her. Kylie's husband insists he will support her in home schooling if that is what she truly wants, but he points out to her that because she'll be teaching full time, she will have to give up her job at the salon. Kylie doesn't like that idea.

I like how Kylie's husband and mother-in-law agree to support her even though they know she's not going to be able to cope with teaching her son full time. They also realise the only way Kylie is going to learn is through experience. No doubt, her family will continue to support her when she changes her mind. Whether the headmaster will take her son back remains to be seen.

Kylie and Gail (the mother-in-law) represents Love. Because it is not the nature of Love to oppose Itself, Love always honours every choice we make. You can always choose again if it's not the right choice and Love will continue to support you.

I believe Love doesn't judge, Love supports.


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The Whoosh Game

Sometimes, when I'm going for my long walks, I have this game I like to play with myself where I visualise the world as an incoming and outgoing tide of infinite love. This tide moves at the speed of thought. I imagine the tide making a whoosh sound as it comes in and out.

While I'm playing this game I am very conscious of how Love is directing my steps and actually moving me.

As I was having fun with this game, I was inspired to walk through this particular park. I was looking forward to seeing a pink car that's usually parked on the side street but it wasn't there. Never mind, at least I can walk via the local canal. Just as I was turning into the road where the canal was, I felt this Force moving my head the other way and I spotted a pink van driving by.

I then admired the boats moored on the canal.

At another intersection, I wondered what route to take. I felt like going right. At the end of that road, I felt the Force moving my head again in one direction just in time to see another pink car driving. Aha, so that's why you wanted me to walk this way so you can show me another pink car.

As I was walking down this road, I spotted two cats and I said hello. I'd actually seen one cat earlier that day sitting in a flower pot enjoying the sunshine. He hadn't moved when I had called him. This time, he was near the front gate. He let me stroke its body for a few seconds and then walked away.

On another road I met another cat friend whose miaow sounds like he's saying "Hello!" His "hello" is so loud and it sounds hilarious! He led me to a front garden, presumably where he lives, but you never know with cats. He then rolled on the dirt. It was as if he was saying to me, "This is where I have fun!"

I also noticed the pink tinges on the clouds as the sun was setting. Beautiful! They reminded me of a friend who is mad about clouds.

I also do find people I meet along the way are so friendly when I'm playing the "whoosh game."

Whoosh of love going in and and out.


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Monday, 19 March 2012

Twigging Another Way to Connect in Love

I find there are so many ways to connect with "strangers." Animals act as excellent bridges; a smile is another brilliant ice breaker.

Today I twigged another way to connect with people.

As I was walking home I noticed a young woman carrying a bag with the face of the model, Twiggy, when she was younger with her iconic haircut and her huge eyes. I asked her about the bag, which she said her mother got her. I said to her that in the old days supermodels weren't as tall as they are now.

I then wished her well.

There are so many ways Love connects people.


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Song of the Day - 15

"Stupidly Happy" by XTC.

Being Fully Present

On last night's Dancing on Ice (the reality TV show where celebrity skaters are paired off with professional ice skaters and compete against each other), a judge awarded a celebrity skater 9.5 out of a possible 10 for her performance. Last week that same judge gave her 6.5, which the other judges disagreed with. In his defence, the judge said that he felt the celebrity wasn't there but this week he said "You are so back!" The judge went on to describe how the celebrity used every piece of the music to express herself.

I found the judge's comment very interesting and so true.

Just because my body is present doesn't mean I am always there. When I am fully present, I am not only alert to all the good in the present moment, I am expressing the Wonder that I am.

What are the things that distract me from being fully present?

Thinking too much; feeling guilt and regrets about the past; worrying about the future; having doubts; feeling fearful. I have observed too many absences can lead to stress, illnesses and even accidents.

Just as well I was fully present then when I was watching that episode of "Dancing on Ice" or I would have missed out on that wonderful present.


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Doing Without Doing

Although I know how to tap into inexhaustible energy within me, which gives me bundles of energy when I go on my long walks, I still feel aches and pains in my body. This suggests that I'm still doing the walking.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit stressed and angry over a personal matter. I figured if I went for one of my long walks I would feel better but it wasn't doing it for me. It was only when I started walking without walking that I started feeling better. By this I mean, when I relaxed, my footsteps felt very light and I could hardly feel my body. I ended up walking 10 miles. I didn't feel any of the body aches I sometimes feel after such a long walk.

Doing without doing is really about being kind to myself. It's about doing everything in a relaxed way.

Now that it's getting warmer, I intend to do lots more walking in a relaxed way, naturally.


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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Calm Down, Dear!

The other day when a friend was giving my shoulders and back a massage I could feel a lot of tension. There were some points that even felt painful. My friend suggested I see a chiropractor to get rid of the knots.

I've always thought of myself as calm but my body and my thought have not been in alignment.

To help me relax, I've been telling myself to relax and I have been sending out peace to all.

Today at the supermarket, I noticed they had not only moved their stock around in the drinks section, they didn't have my favourite drink. For a fraction of a second I felt myself panicking then I said to myself "Calm down! You can always get another brand!"

I felt my whole body relax. I decided to get another brand of drink.

I am calm in every moment.

ps: I ended up finding my favourite drinks at our local corner shop at a special offer so I ended up getting two bottles.


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I Want! I Want!

At the supermarket, I noticed this woman walking with her son and daughter. The boy pointed at a gobstopper machine and said: "I want one of these, mummy!"

His mum walked right past the machine.

We all got on the lift together to the car park.

On the way up the boy said: "I want a watch, mummy!"

"I want! I want!" I said to the boy. "Don't you ever stop wanting?"

"I just ignore him," his mother said.

"I want a watch, mummy," he said.

"Can you tell the time?" I said to the boy.


"Then why do you want a watch when you can't even tell the time!" I chuckled.

"Thank you!" the woman said. "Listen to the lady, she knows what she's talking about."

When we got out of the lift I waved goodbye to the woman and her kids.

I want, I want, but are you ready for it?


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Friday, 16 March 2012

Love Covers a Multitude of Germs

At the library, I noticed a man, who had been allocated the computer next to me, spraying the keyboard. I asked him what the spray was and he said it was an antiseptic. He said he wanted to remove germs from the keyboard.

"Don't you start!" I rolled my eyes in mock annoyance. "Now you're getting me thinking about germs!"

"Sorry!" he laughed.

"What about other communal things like doors, do you spray them too?" I said.

"No, just these keyboards just in case I bite my nails."

"I once saw this woman on the bus who was carrying around newspapers which she lay on the seats," I said. "She wouldn't touch anything without the newspaper."

"Now that's going too far!" my friend said. "You've got to draw the line somewhere!"

If I were to think of bacteria and viruses I wouldn't go anywhere. I don't think I would want to eat either.

Funny how people don't give any thought to germs when they are kissing their beloved. I know I don't!

Where there is love, there is nothing to fear.

Love covers a multitude of germs.


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Bless Everyone

A friend was telling me about her new job as a carer at a hospital. She said the nurses in one particular ward don't seem to care and do very little and let their assistants do most of the work.

My friend, who is a Christian, believes God has put her in that environment for a reason. I said that maybe she's there to be a channel for peace and love to all.

She said because she prays every day before going to work she finds it easier to deal with - she's just left to get on with her work. She has noticed other carers having a difficult time. She fears that if she stays in that environment she might stop caring.

I asked her if there were any benefits and she said there was another ward she's worked at where the nurses are friendly and helpful. She also likes that she's earning money.

I told my friend I would keep her in my prayers. I suggested to her that when she prays, she not only prays for herself but for the hospital staff, the patients and the entire Health Service.

The problem with human resources is there's never enough. Right now the National Health Service is going through a lot of cutbacks which is affecting not only the staff but the patients; and the waiting lists are getting longer.

That's why I believe praying/blessing is very important.

First, when you bless the resources that you have, you will have more.

Second, blessing everyone gets you out of that Them and Us Mentality where you see others as against you. There can only be harmony when you are blessing all with peace and love.

Peace and love to all!

ps: My friend emailed me later to tell me that after she did what I had suggested, the next time she worked in the ward she didn't like working in, she had the best time ever.  She said she now finds working at the hospital a lot easier now though she's still looking for a new job.


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For Dog Lovers

As I was walking in a particular area, I thought of a friend who lives close by. Since I met him and two of his dogs a few weeks back, I've been sending him and his dog lots of love. I wondered how he was.

I then heard my name being called and saw my friend and his dog walking towards me. I told him I'd been thinking about him. I asked him about his dogs. He said the one he was currently walking was very energetic. The other one's condition hasn't changed but my friend said he is optimistic about the dog.

He also gave me a DVD which he was carrying in case he saw me.

The DVD is called: In Search of the Truth About Dogs produced by "Canine Health Concern." (My friend participated in the video, he's the one with the Whippets).

I watched the DVD last night and it is very interesting. Check it out!


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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Unconditional Love in Action

I noticed this woman walking with two young kids who were riding scooters. As they were crossing the road, the woman told them to watch where they were going. Her voice sounded stern. The younger of the two girls said: "I love you, mummy!"

"I love you too, pumpkin!" the woman said.

I believe we all start off like that little girl who loves unconditionally. As you get older, you learn to love conditionally. If someone treats you badly, you either attack or withdraw your love; and you only love when someone does something you like.

I hope that girl never grows out of that love and continues to love unconditionally no matter what.


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Last night, while I was in that space between sleep and dreaming, I heard a man's voice in my head saying: "Now I understand!"

I had the distinct impression that the voice was either from someone reading what I'd written or being inspired by what I'd written.

Whoever you are, I'm happy for you that you now understand!


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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Travel Guide

During the bus journey, an announcement came on that the bus was on a diversion. I rang the bell and prepared to get off at the next stop. While I was waiting, I noticed a woman asking the bus driver if he was going to a particular station. He said he wasn't. He asked her where she was from. He started speaking to her in fluent Italian but he mentioned some street names in English. I presumed he was explaining to the woman what route he was going to take. Before I got off I heard the woman asking him (in English) how long he'd been here and he said a long time.

For me, the conversation I observed on the bus demonstrates the Creative Intelligence at work.

The Creative Intelligence in all knows everyone intimately and what each individual loves or is good for them. He can anticipate every move each individual makes.

The Creative Intelligence in all is an expert at everything. There's not a single problem that the Intelligence cannot resolve.

The Creative Intelligence in all doesn't play favourites.

Once you live with the awareness of this Intelligence in every situation and every moment, you can just relax and let the Creative Intelligence do what It's been designed to do i.e. create happiness and harmony for all.


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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Do Nothing!

When a notice came up on the computer screen that the Internet wasn't working, I was inspired to do nothing.

I noticed one of the lights on the hub, which is usually blue, was now orange and it was flashing and yet I did nothing.

About a minute later, the orange light transformed into blue and stopped flashing; and the Internet was back to normal.

Do nothing and let omnipresent Creative Intelligence do Its work.


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There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

They say there is no such a thing as a free lunch.

I beg to differ.

A friend won a competition at this 4 star hotel in central London. Part of his winning was lunch at the hotel's Bistro, staying one night at this hotel with breakfast.

My friend invited me as his guest and we had a fabulous time!

In Reality, where I live, there is not only such a thing as a free lunch, there are free everything.


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Monday, 12 March 2012

Why Things are Not How They Appear

The following article was previously posted on my Life is Easy, Fun and Wonderful - Part 2 blog.

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Why Things are Not How They Appear

If Love is all there is and Love wants everyone to be happy, why would Love allow people in "power" to deceive the masses for their own interests?

Why would Love allow one nation to colonise another or wage war on another?

I am reminded of one of a classic Star Trek Original episode called Errand of Mercy. Captain Kirk and Spock are sent to a planet called Organia to warn them that the Klingons are about to take control of their planet. Although the Organians are grateful for the information they decide not to defend themselves. When the Klingons appear and take control of the planet, the Organians refuse to defend themselves. Even when the Klingons kill lots of Organians, they refuse to fight. Kirk and Spock are really disappointed with the Organians' "sheep" mentality and decide to take matters into their own hands and fight the Klingons. Just as battle is about to commence, both sides find their weapons inoperable. The Organians then reveal who they really are as powerful light beings who are determined to live in peace and will instantly neutralise anything that challenges their peace. In truth, the Organians were never threatened by the Klingons as they knew they were invulnerable to all weapons anyway.

Back to the question about Love's apparent apathy. I believe since Love is all there is, the oppressors and victims are also Love. However, because the victims and oppressors are not aware of their identities as love, they continute to fight the dream battle between "good" versus "evil".

As it is not Love's nature to oppose Himself, Love will allow the discord to continue, while always reminding people of their nature as Love. Those who are aware of their identity as Love are like the Organians in the Star Trek episode who know that they are always safe in their own "planets". I believe when everyone awakens to their identity as Love people will stop fighting each other and will live in harmony with one another whether they share the same beliefs or not.

No matter how things appear, Love is all there is.


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Friday, 9 March 2012

A Whole New World - My Mother's Dream

A while back, my mother had a very prophetic dream which I recorded on my Nothing Wrong with Me blog. I believe the message is still relevant now so I'm reposting it here.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Whole New World - My Mother's Dream

My mother shared two vivid dreams she had last night. She has given me permission to share them on my blog in case anyone finds them helpful.

In the first dream mum found herself on the first floor at a branch of Marks and Spencer (a department store) where she likes shopping. She noticed the floor was empty and wondered where all the stock was. She was told that everything had been moved to the ground floor. There was a woman with her two children on the same floor. As there was no power on that floor the escalators weren't working. The kids walked down the escalator anyway but mum and the woman found walking down the escalator difficult so they found another way to get down. When she arrived downstairs she realised that the floor not only had a superabundance of stock, there were many shops and banks there too. It was like entering a whole new world of abundance she never knew existed. However, mum didn't feel like she belonged there and wanted to return to the floor above. Just before she did, she woke up.

In the second dream, she was with a celebrity whose daughter passed away years ago. As the woman was upset, mum tried to console her. Before mum left she reminded the celebrity of a passage from the Bible which she believed will help her get over her grief.

"Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee."Isaiah 60: 1
Mum said she doesn't usually remember her dreams and was surprised how vividly she could recall her dreams. I reminded her that she's been religiously listening to a relaxation CD that she got from a hypnotherapist she saw recently. I said it seems like she's being shown things about herself in the dream.

This is what I believe her dream means.

In the real world, that particular branch of M & S has four floors including a basement, but in my mother's dream there were only two floors one with no stock and the ground that was superabundant. I believe the first floor represents that part of her that struggles and feels pain etc. The ground level with all the wonderful shops and stuff represents her true self that is whole, happy, and has all her needs met superabundantly.

(It's interesting how the kids had no problem getting to the ground floor as children are still very much open to who their true self).

Mum was curious enough to explore the ground floor of plenty, as indicated by her getting to the ground level even though she struggled to get there, why didn't she want to stay on that floor? Is it possible she's not yet ready to be her true self?

It reminds me of a conversation I had with her after her visit to the hypnotherapist to help manage her pain. I asked her why she would want to manage the pain when she could get rid of it. I said there must be a part of her that wants to hold on to the pain for whatever reason. It seems to me that part of herself not willing to release the pain is represented in the dream as her eagerness to return to the floor above. At least she woke up from the dream before she returned to that floor.

I believe in the second dream, the upset celebrity represents my mother's own sadness and frustration that she feels about herself. The good news is when she's feeling down, her true self is always consoling her and reminding her of the Truth of who she is - the Light.

Mum said when she woke up this morning, she repeated that verse from the Bible to herself.

Even though my mother's dream related to her personal experience, I can also relate to it. I believe there are indeed two levels of awareness - surface mentality of lack and belief in separation; and the deep mentality of oneness. I believe that every moment I am being guided by the One in me to my good.

The Light is here now.
There's a whole new world awaiting those who listen to their hearts.

Thanks for the message, mum.


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Smell of Sweet Perfume

As I was running out of perfume, I thought it would be nice to have a new one.

When my mother's friend went to visit her, she took her some gifts including two vials of perfumes. She insisted that she gave one of them to me.

That should keep me going until I manifest a full bottle of perfume.

God has infinite ways of meeting our needs.


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Let Bygones Be Bygones!

I watched a documentary on television last night about whether athletes who have been banned for drug use should be allowed back into the sport. They cited one particular athlete who "cheated" 10 years ago and yet the Powers that Be in British sports don't want him to participate in the London Olympics.

No one in this world is perfect; everyone makes mistakes. I believe everyone deserves not only a second chance but many second chances.

I hope he is allowed to run as it will be a shame for him to miss out just because of one mistake he's already paid the price for.

Let bygones be bygones!


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A Bag of Blessings

The first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning was:
"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings." Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy
As I was taking stuff to the recycling bin, I noticed one of our neighbours had her door open. She waved at me and I waved back. She asked me to pop round later for a bag of sweets and chocolates.

Our neighbour is such a sweetheart!

I shall definitely be taking her up on her offer as her bags of sweets are always delicious.

Every day is BIG with blessings.


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Pink Flasher

As I was walking home, I spotted a cute pink car driving towards me. The driver flashed her lights at me and I waved back at her.

When the car drove off, I wondered why the driver had flashed at me. Was it because she sensed how much I LOVE pink cars?

As I believe we all share the one Heart that loves, my friend obviously KNEW what I love and was acknowledging that KNOWING. At least that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. :-)


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Song of the Day - 14

"Gold" by Spandau Ballet.

Always believe in your soul
You've got the power to know
You're indestructible
Always believe in, because you are
Gold Gold Lyrics

Gold Rush

So I came across an article about the elixir of life which is golden light. This golden light is the key to immortality. It's something I'm already aware of that my Self/the Creative Intelligence in all is Gold. I actually nourish myself with liquid golden light.

(Don't just take my word for it, do the research yourself).

A few hours later I was given a present. My mother's friend had gone to visit her and given her a clutch bag but mum decided to pass it to me instead. And the colour of the clutch bag was/is Gold.

Her friend also gave her some gold restorative capsules that is meant to keep your skin glowing and young looking. Mum also gave them to me but I suggested that she keeps them for herself. I said I already know how to access my own Inner Gold elixir which keeps me young.

Life is Gold.


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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Peace Policy

So I accompanied a friend to a store to get some furniture for his new home.

One particular item that my friend wanted was available but because it was on the top shelf, the assistant said they couldn't get it down at that time as it was against shop policy to use a forklift to take down stuff while customers are in the store otherwise they'll get the sack. She advised me if I had a problem I could go to customer services, which had a long queue of customers being served by two assistants.

While I was queuing up on my friend's behalf, I could feel myself getting all tensed up. I decided to bless the whole store with peace instead. I ended up chatting to the customer ahead of me and we laughed about the rules. She told me she was decorating her place.

I soon received a phone call from my friend to let me know that he'd spoken to another member of staff who had told him about the same shop policy. He thought it was best to just leave it and return another time. My friend sounded very peaceful.

If you can't beat them, don't join them! Follow the Peace Policy.

Where there is peace, there is perfect harmony.


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Travelling Companion

During my bus journey I heard a passenger downstairs asking the bus driver about where a particular library was but the driver didn't know where it was. I came downstairs and told the man I was going to the same place. I said he could come with me. I told him that as the bus was on a diversion we were going to have to walk a lot further than normal.

When we got off the bus, it was raining so I let my friend walk under my umbrella. My friend told me he was attending an IT seminar at the library. He said he'd never been to that part of London before. He marvelled at the tall buildings and said he would love to work there some day.

If the young man had been shy about asking, I wouldn't have heard him. He ended up not only being guided by someone who knows that area like the back of her hand, she was also going to the same place.


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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Let Go and Let God

What does "Let go and let God" actually mean? Do I just let God do everything and I just sit around and do nothing all day?

Because God is my/our Universal Self, I am always doing the work anyway either through my human instrument or through others.

While I was at the toilets in the library I got chatting to this young woman. She said she'd left her jacket in the library and went to collect it. As I was enjoying chatting to her, I decided to wait for her so we could have a few minutes together before I set off home. When she came out, she was now chatting to a man. I told her I was leaving. She said she was meeting a friend later and she had about 30 minutes to kill and wondered if I wanted to hang out with her. I asked her about the man she'd been talking to, who was still hovering. I said I didn't want to interrupt their conversation. She insisted she wanted to be with me. It was then I realised she was trying to get away from the man she'd been talking to. I suggested going to a local art centre to chill out. She agreed.

On the way, she teased me about how dense I had been picking up on her "rescue me" signals. The centre was cosy and warm. We chatted about life. My friend is at that stage in her life when she's trying to find her niche in life. She's the first in her family to have gone to university and she feels her younger siblings are looking up to her to set an example. She's also feeling the pressure from her parents to settle down. She feels there are not many jobs out there for graduates. I told her she needed to keep believing in herself. As I'm a lot older than her (though she thought I was her age), she teased me about not being aware of the latest music trends. My friend was a lot of fun to be with.

When it was time to leave, my friend asked if I could show her how to get to the nearest tube (underground) station. I told her I would take her there. I needed to go past it anyway to pick up a free evening newspaper. I took her to the station and before I left we exchanged hugs.

In the above example I've just described, my/our Universal Self attracted me to a friend I resonate with. I then "rescued" my friend from unwanted attention; I kept my friend company as long as she needed me; I then took her where she needed to go.

When I go on my long walks, I am letting my/our Universal Self, who has inexhaustible energy, express through me and move me. That's why I don't feel tired.

There are times when my/our Universal Self expresses through me in ways that cannot be explained in human terms. These are usually classed as miracles or supernatural. For instance, once I was struggling to open a lid and I just asked the lid to open and it popped upon. Once a friend and I were moving a table which got stuck because the walls were narrow. In thought I asked for help and the wall shifted. My friend, who had also observed what had happened, asked me what I'd done and I told him I had asked God to move the wall. I've had lots of experiences in the realm of the miraculous.

For me, "Let go and let God" is simply about letting my/our Universal Self express as me. Then life is easy, fun and wonderful.

I let go and let God.


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Monday, 5 March 2012

One Complaint Leads to Another

At some point while I was in the library there was a really loud noise outside. One of the librarians announced that someone had complained about the noise and they were sorting it out.

I thought to myself that the problem with complaining is that you get into the same thought stream as other people complaining and you end up having something else to complain about.

When the racket ceased, one of the users in the library shouted: "Encore!" which made me titter. It reminded me of the song: Encore Une Fois by Sash and I decided to listen to it.

While I was listening to the song, the fire alarm went off and we were all asked to vacate the building.

What did I say about once you complain about something, you have something else to complain about? Not only did I now have the smoking alarm situation to complain about it was freezing outside too.

I decided I wasn't going down that road!

As we waited for the fire alarm to be sorted out I focused on things I was grateful about at that moment.

I'm grateful I have my jacket, scarf and gloves to keep me warm.
I'm grateful it's not raining.
I'm grateful there isn't a real fire.
I'm grateful I'm not complaining.

When we got back into the building I had one minute remaining on my computer. I was grateful I was able to sit on the same computer and continue my work.

Imagine if we never complained even when there appears to be cause to complain. All physical, emotional and mental complaints would vanish!

I would rather be grateful, than complain unless when I'm complaining in jest!


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Quote of the Day - 5

"There is no "I" in We." ~~ Chico on Dancing on Ice

Advance Warning

A news article was brought to my attention about an asteroid that is heading towards Earth with a "one in 625 chance of striking Earth in 30 years' time."

It's not enough for us to be fearful of what is occurring in the present, we are being warned to be afraid of what could happen in the future.

I believe Love, the substance and Creative Intelligence of all occupies and interpenetrates all time, all space and all realities which means Love is not only in that asteroid, Love is in the future.

The GOOD NEWS about Love is that He never has days off and is always active.

Love is comfort.
Love is harmony.
Love is order.
Love is perfection.
Love is power.
Love is protection.
Love is safety.

Thanks for the advance warning but I would rather take my chances in Love.


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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thank You for Answering!

My favourite Whitney Houston song ever is Saving All My Love For You.

For a long time now I've been wondering who the actor in the video is. I've done lots of searches on the Internet to no avail. I even noticed someone had asked the same question on but there was no response so I posted my question too hoping someone would answer it.

Today as I was reading an online news article, I found the name of the actor which had been posted by a reader in the comments section. The actor's name is: Ricco Ross. I've now posted the answer on in case someone else has been seeking.

All answers are already available. All I have to do is relax and let the answers come to me effortlessly.


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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Note to Self - Chill Out!

I can never miss my good as my good is everywhere present.

If I appear to "miss" an opportunity in one moment, I can always experience my good in the next moment and the next and the next.

Chill out!

It's all good!


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The Price isn't Right!

When the supermarket cashier told me how much my shopping cost I thought it sounded a bit steep. After I had paid for the shopping, I decided to check the items on the list. I noticed I had been overcharged on one item. I pointed this out to the cashier and she advised me to go the customer services desk to sort it out.

Long story short, I discovered the toothpaste I had picked up was £2 more than the one I usually buy even though they are the same brand. As they didn't have the one I prefer, I asked for a refund.

So even though I had made a mistake, my Power of Knowing let me KNOW the price wasn't right!


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Song of the Day - 13

"Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.



Love this! Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla.

Thanks, E, for bringing this video to my attention. xxx


Friday, 2 March 2012

Following My Hunch - Part 2

So I met up with my friend and his dog for healing. (For background info see Following My Hunch).

I didn't go to his house after all as he thought I wouldn't have any peace and quiet there because of his other four dogs. So he brought his dog in a van and asked if I could work with her at the back of the van.

Although my friend was pointing out what was "wrong" with the dog, I couldn't "see" that. I focused instead on the love I was feeling for the dog. She was whining a lot as I believe she was uncomfortable and a bit nervous. I just petted her and kept assuring her that she was safe with me. At one point, she rested her head on my knee.

After I finished, my friend asked if he could give me a lift home and I accepted his offer.

On the way we chatted about his passion for dogs, the work that he does with dogs and what motivates him. I asked him if he'd ever watched the reality TV show called The Dog Whisperer where Cesar Millan works with problem dogs. My friend said he had. I reminded him that Millan usually finds it is the dog's "owner" whose consciousness that needs to shift; and when that occurs the dog's behaviour is transformed. I said to my friend that I was sensing a similar dynamic occurring with his dogs who are extensions of his consciousness and beliefs. He said he could see where I was coming from. I am not going to reveal the details because of healer/dog confidentiality. Haha!

By the way, my friend said his other dog with the hump that I had laid my hands on the day before was running around the next day and full of energy.

I told my friend I will continue to keep him and his dogs in my thoughts and send them love. I trust Love is working everything for the best for all concerned.

My friend promised to keep me posted.


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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Quote of the Day - 4

"Ohh! Why do you always complicate things that are really quite simple?" Mary Poppins

No Way Jose!

When I told a friend about how I went for a 17 mile walk a few days ago, he said no wonder I was so skinny. My friend said because of physical restrictions he can only walk a few miles.

I had to put my friend straight!

I told him I walk a minimum of 40 miles a week, more on some weeks and I never feel tired.

Is it because of my stamina?

No way Jose! I couldn't even walk half a mile on my own strength.

The secret to my "stamina" is pure and simple - I have learned how to tap into the inexhaustible energy I have within me which walks me. It's rather like hopping on a bus or getting in someone's car and letting myself be driven to my destination.

How do I do this?

By simply asking God (or calling on Energy) to get me to my destination. I then relax and let it happen and my movements are effortless.

I walk not by physical strength or by mind power but by Spirit.


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Love Makes Life Easy

"Ohh! Why do you always complicate things that are really quite simple?" Mary Poppins
I have observed when I am loving or doing what I love, I am radiating love and my love attracts people and experiences that resonate with what I love.

In a previous post, I wrote about meeting a man and his dog while I was walking home. I was inspired to lay my hands on the dog and give it love. It was then the man told me he had been praying for healing for his dogs. He asked me if I could go round to his place the next day (this evening) to do the same with his other dog. He said he would call me to give me his address and arrange a suitable time for me to go round.

Later when I got home, I thought to myself that it would be a lot easier if my friend met me at the exact spot where we'd met earlier and he could take me to his house. This morning, I received a text from him suggesting that we meet at the exact spot where we'd met before and he will take me to his place.

Last night I thought of a friend and wondered what he'd been up to. I made a mental note to email him this morning. Before I emailed him, I received an email from him telling me what he'd been up to.

Love not only connects me with those who share my love, Love makes life so easy.


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