Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

I was telling my mother about meeting this guy in the park with his dogs but his dogs are always so impatient to get back home because they want to get fed. I wondered out loud if the dogs get fed three times a day and how many times they go for their walks.

This morning, as I was walking through the local park, I saw the man and his dogs walking towards me. The dogs were true to character - looking impatient.

It was my opportunity to ask my friend what I'd been wondering about. He said the dogs have a walk in the morning, then have one big meal and then get biscuits in the afternoon. When he and his wife are eating, the dogs usually get scraps from them. The dogs are then taken for a final walk in the evening.

I love how after I wondered, our walks got synchronised so I could have my answers straight from the horse's mouth.


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