Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Standing on the Truth Escalator

"Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions." ~~ Ecclesiastes 7: 29
In my response to a friend's email, I commended her for standing on Truth when she was ill. By this I mean, despite appearances and what the doctors were telling her, she continued to believe in Truth principles that were meaningful to her, which led to her recovery.

When I say "standing on Truth" I don't just mean it symbolically but literally.

Truth is like an escalator that I can get on and either stand on and let it carry me, or I can walk on it to the other side.

Unlike escalators that only travel short distances, the Truth Escalator (TE) travels forever. In fact, there is nothing but the Truth Escalator.

Because there is only the TE, it is impossible to get off it. The only way to get off the TE is to imagine that I'm off it. When I imagine myself experiencing life away from TE, I have to contend with the many conflicting beliefs that man has made up, which oppose the Truth of who I really am. When I stop day-dreaming and remember that I am always on the Truth Escalator on the destination to nowhere, my life experiences are based on the Truth of my Real Self.

For instance, the Truth of who I am is Harmony but we are constantly being bombarded with adverts for sickness and images of disharmony etc, which pharmaceutical industries benefit from. When I buy into those beliefs, I'm imagining myself away from the Truth Escalator. When I remember that I am on the Truth Escalator, I am back to being in harmony, which is the nature of my Real Self.

In my email to my friend I shared how by standing on Truth I've been able to dissolve migraines. (See Claiming My Wholeness with Gratitude). I've even literally saved my life by standing on Truth. One night when I woke up and felt an invisible hand on my throat trying to strangle me, I was able to fight it by remembering a verse from the Bible. (See As Light as a Feather)

Thank you, Truth Escalator, for always supporting me and carrying me everywhere I go.


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