Friday, 17 February 2012

Postal Delivery - Part 2

"For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." James 2: 26
I'm very scientific in my approach to life. I believe in testing out principles I believe in to see if they have any practical application. Only then do I share my discoveries and experiences with others. I don't obviously expect anyone to accept my experiences as gospel; I expect people to test the ideas for themselves to see if they work for them or not.

Here's one example.

When I went home I picked up my mother's mail. She said that letter had arrived in the afternoon. She said when the first post arrived she didn't feel like going downstairs to pick them up. She remembered what I had said about asking God to do everything so she prayed, "God, please send someone to pick up those letters!" Then she went back to rest in her chair.

Soon, the doorbell rang. She wondered who it could be as she wasn't expecting any visitors. It was a man from the electricity company who had come round to read the meter. As the man was coming up the stairs, mum asked if he could pick up her letters but he said he'd already done it.

After mum shared her experience, I said, "That's great, mum! See, God doesn't play favourites! What works for me can also work for you. You asked Him to send someone to pick up your letters and He arranged it."

"I didn't even think of how it would happen. If I'd been wondering how it would happen, it probably wouldn't have happened."

"Exactly!" I said. "It's not for you to worry about the how. As long as you trust in God, then God will always make a way where there appears to be no way."

I said to mum that because she'd asked God to send someone to pick up the letters, that's exactly what happened. I believe if she'd asked God to pick up the letters for her, she would have been cutting out the middle man. Then God's power is free to unleash in many different ways. Mum could have felt the Power giving her the strength to walk up and down the stairs effortlessly, or the Power could have still appeared as the electricity man, or someone else might have called round.

Still, it's good to see mum testing out ideas for herself.

"Faith without works is dead."


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