Saturday, 4 February 2012

Perfectly Normal - Revisited

When it comes to having periods, I was a very late starter.

I remember feeling really insecure about being the only girl in my class not having them and praying really hard to get my period. When they finally arrived at 15, they were very heavy.

I tried all sorts of sanitary towels and tampons and none of them were absorbent enough. Then I went through a period when I was on the pill which helped to lighten the flow. When I stopped taking the pill, I was back to heavy periods.

I've noticed my periods are changing now. I can go for days being light and then it gets heavy again. This cycle, I went for 6 days with hardly anything and then last night it got so heavy I had to get up in the middle of the night to change. When I went to the supermarket earlier today, I had to use their toilets to change tampons which I'd only had on for about an hour.

I used to worry whether my periods were normal. I would even read up about what "normal" periods are meant to be like and try and compare them to mine.

Then I realised there is no one size fits all idea of normality.

How many women have had my life experiences?
How many women believe exactly in what I do?
How many women eat the foods I eat?
How many women think the way I do?
How many women have my kind of body?

I stopped taking all kinds of medication in 1999 and don't even have a doctor now. Since then, I have been relying on prayer and affirmation for healing.

Since I believe our beliefs/thoughts influence our bodies, surely how my periods flow must reflect my beliefs and world view and cannot fit into society's idea of "normal."

There's nothing wrong with my period. My flow is normal for me.


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