Monday, 20 February 2012

Letting Love Take Charge

I believe it's important to let my Love/Universal Self take charge at all times.

When Love is in charge, it's like being able to see from infinite angles; while the human self only has a limited perception of things.

For instance, recently after I put out an intention that I wanted to find suitable boots and started fantasising about shoe shops I could go to, I felt this Force taking over my feet and walking me in the direction of a town where I found the boots I liked. In other words, the Force who knows all had ignored my limited perception and had taken charge; and I had no choice but to comply. See Sole Searching

A while back when I was travelling on the bus and pondering on some ideas, my thoughts were stopped and an image was flashed in my mind's eye showing me the bus I was in turning into another road, then I returned to my thoughts. Later, the bus was diverted. I realised the flashing image had been Love giving me advanced warning to find an alternative route. See Intuition as Advance Warning

While I was working on this piece, I started writing it from one perspective, which wasn't working. I then asked Love to take charge. I ended up deleting paragraphs and rewrote it. I realised, Love simply wants this piece to be a reminder of how to let Her take charge.

Thank you, Love, for taking charge. You always know what is best for me.


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