Thursday, 16 February 2012

Just Because I Love Pink Cars

Ever since I put out an intention that I wanted to see pink cars, I've seen lots of pink cars including pink taxis, pink vans, pink lorries and even a pink bus. They've even appeared on TV adverts.

The funny thing is pink cars always pop up wherever I am or are strategically parked either on my bus route or the routes I walk. It's as if they know how much I want to see them so they appear just for me.

Just recently as I was crossing this particularly road, a pink sports car drove right by me. I told the driver I loved her car and she thanked me.

Today when I went to the library, I spotted a pink car parked right outside the building. Come to think of it, a few days ago I noticed a pink taxi parked in the same spot outside the library.

When I entered the library, the first man I saw had on a pink shirt.

Thank you, pink cars, for blessing me with your presence.

I love you all!


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