Thursday, 2 February 2012

It Will Soon Pass!

In an email to a friend yesterday, who is based in Southern California and enjoying warm weather, I told her it's been very cold here. I said:

"I know it will soon pass and we'll be back to having milder weather as we have done this winter."

Later in the evening, while I was with a friend who is interested in studying weather pattern, he showed me a map of the weather patterns and how the heavy snow that had been predicted was going to hit the UK simply passed over it and has been dumped in Southern Europe and in North Africa. He said we're just experiencing the cold winds from the north, which will soon dissipate.

Coincidence or is my "It will soon pass" belief literally coming true?

I say, bring on the mild weather NOW for all who appreciate mild weather!

Whatever the weather, I believe Love is all there is...and Love is always constant!


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