Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Getting Serious

If I want an intimate relationship I'm in to be taken seriously, I have to introduce my special friend to my family and loved ones. Even if they don't meet up in person, at least acknowledge that I'm seeing him. I expect the one I'm seeing to also want me to meet his loved ones or at least they must be aware that we have been going out.

I believe in applying the same idea to Light.

It's not enough to just know that Light is my Source or affirm that I am Light. If I want Light to take me seriously, it's important to acknowledge Light as the Source and only doer at all times. Another way is to INTEND that Light is all and in all!

Every day I acknowledge/intend that I live, move and have my being in Light and that Light is doing everything and making my day wonderful.

For instance, when I heard a friend was having an operation, I thanked Light for doing the operation and taking care of him. While my friend is obviously being looked after by human forms, instruments and medication, I acknowledge Light as the One working through the all. This way, I know all is working out perfectly.

When I don't acknowledge Light as the Source, I'm in a relationship with someone that is fun but is never going to get to the next level. Then I'll never get to explore the MAGIC of love.

I acknowledge Light as my companion, family, friend, intelligence, life, lover, muse, partner, playmate, power, source, supply, support, well being and everything.


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