Friday, 3 February 2012

Feeding on Love

While I was at my friend's house, I started experiencing period pain. I decided to lie down for a while. My friend put some music on and left me alone. As I was listening to the music I drank in the love from the music and my friend's good intentions and I felt better.

Later, my friend returned and he pointed out various places he's been to on the Internet map. As I was standing up, I could feel my back aching again. All I wanted to do was lie down. I decided to focus instead on the information my friend was sharing, which was his way of expressing what he loves. As I drank in his love, the pain on my back dissolved and I really enjoyed what he was sharing with me.

I find when I acknowledge Love's presence in all forms and in every moment, I am nourished, supplied and supported by Love.


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