Monday, 6 February 2012

Don't Waste Your Money!

A few weeks back, when I noticed information on the Internet for a herbal product that I thought my mother would be interested in, I brought the information to her attention. After she read about the product, she decided to place an order. She soon received a confirmation email that her order had been received and was being shipped to her.

After two weeks and still no product, I thought to myself: "God, I don't want mum to waste her money on some duff product. If this product is fake, would you please cancel the order?"

This morning, mum told me she's been thinking that if she doesn't receive the order today, she's going to cancel it.

Later in the afternoon when I checked my mother's email on her behalf, I found an email from the company she'd ordered the product from. They said the product she ordered had been returned and they wanted to know whether she'd returned it and why. They also said if they didn't hear from her soon they were going to refund her money.

It was then I confessed about my prayer.

Mum asked me to cancel the order and ask for her money to be refunded.

Don't waste your money, ask God first!


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