Thursday, 9 February 2012

Disappearing Act

As it was freezing, I decided to catch the bus home from the city.

I usually prefer to sit upstairs but I felt like sitting downstairs for a change. I spotted a window seat but the passenger in front of me seemed to have the same idea and headed towards the seat. I sat next to her.

I figured I would do my affirmations during the journey. So I closed my eyes and started affirming "Thank you, Light!"

After I'd repeated the affirmation about five times, I opened my eyes and saw the seat next to me was now vacant. I looked around to see whether the woman had swapped seats but she wasn't in any of the seats downstairs. There's no way she could have got off the bus because the bus hadn't yet arrived at the next stop. In any case, I would have felt her as she was leaving as I would have had to move out of the way, but I felt nothing.

Maybe, she was a "dark entity" who was repelled by my Light affirmations? ;-)


At least, I got my window seat!


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