Friday, 3 February 2012

Custom Made For You - Revisited

When my mother's recliner chair started playing up, I sent it Light and thanked Light for working perfectly. Mum said she was still having problems with it and she was thinking of getting a new chair. Her friend, who recently got a recliner chair, recommended a company whose chairs were a lot cheaper than the company my mother had bought her recliner from. Mum rang the company up and they promised to send her their catalogue. After she received their catalogue, she called the company to discuss what they had and whether they could meet her need. She then took time out to decide which one to go for.

The next day, my mother received a telephone call which I answered on her behalf. They said they were calling from a chair company. Mum presumed they were the company she'd got the catalogue from, as she had been thinking of calling them to make an order, but it turned out to be the company she'd bought her original chair from years back. They asked if she was happy with her current chair and she said she was thinking of getting a new one as the mechanism was now faulty. They arranged for someone to come round the next day to show her what they now have to offer. I decided to stay home so I could meet with the representative.

When the representative arrived, he explained that their company is not interested in comparing prices with other companies but comfort. Each chair is custom designed to meet the customer's physical needs. They then take into account what the customer can afford and recommend the appropriate chair. Because mum had bought her chair from them, they offered her 50% discount.

I could see that the other company her friend had recommended was all about prices and deals and not about the customer's unique needs. Mum has decided to stay with the original company.

I find it amazing how the company had called her "out of the blue" right at the moment she was about to call that other company. I believe it was the Light in action.

Light is meeting all needs perfectly according to beliefs.


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