Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Changing Lanes

What if you notice a car that has lost control and is heading towards you.

(a) Would you let nature (i.e. whatever circumstances have been set in motion) take its course no matter what the outcome?

(b) Would you step out the way so the car doesn't hit you?

(c) If the accident can't be avoided, would you reverse the situation as if it never happened?

I would obviously move out of the way. If I could prevent the accident from happening, I would.

I once heard a story about this man who ran over a boy. After the accident happened, the man, who was a Christian Scientist used Truth principles to treat the condition. He argued that God's Universe is love, therefore, where there is only love no accidents can ever happen. The boy got up and was perfect, as if nothing had ever happened. (See my experience where I used Truth principles to heal a sprain How StarTrek Saved the Day).

When I was run over as a child, the Inner Voice told me that I was dreaming and the accident wasn't real. I believe if I had accepted that Truth the situation would have been reversed and wiped out from memory. I would have just crossed the road as usual and continued on my journey to school.

Since that incident, I've been in three other situations that have been prevented.

First, when I was sill living in Africa and we were travelling on a coach from up country. I was sitting next to the driver at the time. At some point, I noticed the coach changing lanes. It was then I realised that the driver was fast asleep. I woke the driver up and he got us back on track. I kept my eye on him for the rest of that journey.

Second was when I was back living in London. This time, a van appeared from nowhere and was about to hit me but an invisible hand pulled me out of the way. I say "invisible" because there was no one there when I turned round to thank the person.

The last time was when I was nearly run over by a bus but time slowed down and I had all the time in the world to move out of harm's way. It was only when I caught the bus behind and sat down that I realised what had almost happened.

But, but, how do you know it's not someone's Karma to be in a car accident? It might be their time to go. Or they might need to learn lessons from their experience?

Let's put it this way, you are free to run over someone if you believe it's your Karma, but not on my watch. Find yourself another karmic playmate!

Back to the three options I listed earlier which, I believe, represent two ways of living.

Choice (a) represents experiencing life through the laws of Karma. You are helpless to change things because you believe your beliefs and programming have set events in motion and you just have to accept the consequences of your actions and learn from them.

Choices (b) and (c) represent being the Real YOU that is eternal, everywhere present and perfect. That YOU can create new experiences and even undo past mistakes and consequences of mistakes.

Alas, the human dream is not designed for people to live as their Real Self otherwise the structure of society would collapse and create untold chaos and uncertainty. Where would emergency services be if people no longer had accidents? What about insurers, doctors, lawyers, car mechanics and the police? Where is their livelihood going to come from?

I believe people will change lanes when they are ready to be the Real Self. In the meantime, the road of life is perfect as it is.

Just stay out of my way! :-)


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