Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Touch of Benny Hill

The library I use frequently is usually very quiet and only attracts business people. There's always an exception to every rule.

While I was in the library a man ran in and was being chased by another guy. The man being chased kept saying "What are you trying to do to me?"

The man doing the chasing was joined by another man and another and they ran around the library. I exchanged amazed looks with the guy sitting next to me and we both sniggered. I noticed one of the security guards trying to catch the man in front but he missed. In the end, the man was caught and everything was back to normal.

Before I left I spoke to one of the security guards I'm friendly with.

"So, what did you do to that man I saw running around earlier?"

"He was a robber and was being chased by a plain clothes police officer," he said.

"You're kidding me! How could a police officer chase someone in the library?"

"It's true! He got spotted trying to nick a bike and he ran in. He probably thought the police officer wouldn't come after him."

"It was so unreal! For a moment I thought we were in a TV show or something," I said.

"It reminded me of a scene from "Benny Hill"* when they are usually chasing each other."

"So true!" I laughed. "It was like a Benny Hill chase! I thought it was hilarious!"

"I was surprised no one complained about the noise," he said. "I was expecting someone to say 'Shhh, this is a library!'"

"Too right! I should have complained!" I chuckled. "Did I see you trying to catch the man?"

"Yes, I tried to trip him up but he just jumped over me."

"But how did the police know he was trying to nick the bike?" I said.

"The clue was the saw he was using to cut through the bicycle lock."

"Yeah, but, how did they know he hadn't lost his key and wasn't trying to break into the lock?"

"In that case, he shouldn't have run then!"

"Good point!"

"Don't ever get a job as a solicitor, you'll be rubbish at it!" he said. "You're better off doing whatever you do when you come here."

I don't have to go looking for entertainment, entertainment comes looking for me...and it's free too.


* The Benny Hill Show was a British sketch comedy show starring Benny Hill and others. At the end of each episode, there would always be a chase scene where Benny Hill is either being chased by others or he's doing the chasing. Here is a video of a Benny Hill type chase. The clip is not from the show but the music is the show's theme tune.

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