Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Top Up

I believe each of us is the Infinite Love/Light/Self in manifestation. Therefore, we all have access to infinite love, light, power and wisdom at any moment.

I have observed when I'm fretting about stuff, I'm not experiencing my nature as Infinite Self. Because thoughts consume a lot of energy, I start feeling depleted of energy, which I need to top up.

I find there are two ways to top up: the natural and the unnatural way.

With the natural way, all I have to do is to be still and know that I am Infinite Self and I have infinite energy within me. I find when I'm experiencing life from inner silence, where I have no thoughts, I am constantly topped up.

The unnatural way is when I ask someone to send me energy. There are lots of energy "healers" who have a "calling" to do just that. The reason why I call it "unnatural" is because I already have all the energy I need within me, therefore, seeking it from without is unnatural. Besides, the moment I seek something outside I have to put up with other people's rules and limitations. For instance, a healer is always going to be limited by what they can offer me in terms of time. However, this way is useful for emergency support.

I have observed people who top up by taking energy from those who they sense have plenty of energy to spare and to share. If the "sharer" is not self-aware, they will find themselves feeling aches and pains, tiredness, and even feeling anxious or irritated and not understanding why they are feeling this way. If the "sharer" is self-aware, they will know exactly what's going on and can then choose whether they are willing to share their energy or not.

While I was travelling on the bus, a man came upstairs. He had this "crazy look" about him and he looked straight at me. Even though there were other seats available in front I knew he was going to come and sit next to me, which he did. He started chatting to himself. I could sense he was using me to top up his energy, which he was depleting with his "crazy talk." I wasn't up for it so in thought I affirmed: "I am invincible Light. Nothing can be added to or taken away from my Light." A passenger on the left got up and my "friend" swapped seats to "feed off" someone else.

I am Light.
All is Light.

Nothing can be added to or taken away from Light.


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