Monday, 16 January 2012

Them and Us Mentality

In a Star Trek Voyager episode called Nemesis, Chakotay's shuttle is shot down and he finds himself on this planet where there is a battle going on between two humanoid species: the Vori and the Kradin. Both species refer to each other as their "nemesis." At first, Chakotay doesn't want to get involved; he simply wants to retrieve his shuttle and return to Voyager. He then finds himself bonding with the Vori soldiers and starts to empathise with them so much that when they get killed and innocent Vori villagers are captured by the Kradin, he decides to fight against the Kradin.

In the meantime, Captain Janeway of Voyager, has been searching for Chakotay. She even asks the Kradin to help locate him and they agree to do so. When Chakotay is found, he's so embroiled in the battle against the Kradin, he doesn't even recognise his colleague, Tuvok. Tuvok tells him that he's actually been involved in a simulation where he's being brainwashed to become a foot soldier for the Vori. Tuvok makes Chakotay see how all the Vori soldiers who he thought had been killed, and the Vori villagers who he had seen captured were all part of the simulation. Later Chakotay confesses to his captain that even though he's back in his right mind, he's still having difficulty letting go of his hatred for the Kradin.

Speaking of which, there's a lot of talk at the moment about humanity waking up en masse to the Truth that we are one. And yet the "them and us" mentality is still prevalent in the human psyche. There are lots of material being disseminated on the Internet right now about the "them" having a huge advantage over the "us"; and how the "them" are controlling the "us."

That "them and us" mentality is like the simulation that Chakotay was in when he was seeing adversaries everywhere and fighting an imaginary battle with himself.

I believe regardless of how things appear, as long as I continue to have that "them and us" mentality, I can never experience Unity Consciousness.

How do I get rid of that "them and us" mentality?

I believe one way is to see everyone as having the same source - Love-Light. Whether they are humans, animals or trees, friends or strangers, all is Love-Light.

Another way is to lose my mind as it is the mind that creates that "them and us" mentality in the first place. When I am in silence and I have no thoughts, I have lost my mind.

There is no "them and us."

All is Love-Light.
All is One.


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