Monday, 9 January 2012

Stillness is Everywhere

While I was in the library, I started hearing the sound of drilling coming from the building next door. At first I ignored it and focused on what I was doing but the noise got so loud that it became all-consuming. Even when I put my headphones on and was listening to music, the noise appeared to drown the music I was listening to.

I could have swapped seats and sat somewhere else that was a lot quieter but I liked where I was sitting, as it's my favourite spot in the library.

When I stopped reacting to the noise and just let it be, I could feel the stillness in the noise and it no longer had any effect. It just sounded like background music that I can take or leave. I was then able to get on with my work in peace.

There's stillness everywhere even where there appears to be "chaos."


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