Friday, 13 January 2012

Same Time, Different Place

When my mother was given an appointment to see the hospital consultant, she was told she had to double-check with the consultant's secretary to confirm whether he would be in the hospital on that day as she needs to see the consultant only, not his assistants. When mum called the consultant's secretary, she was given another date when the consultant would actually be in the hospital.

After that we discovered that my older brother has an appointment to have a tooth extracted on the same date and time as my mother's appointment to see the consultant, though in different hospitals. Apparently, he was given an earlier date, which he cancelled. I told my brother as I can't be in two places at the same time, I'll be accompanying my mother to the hospital and will be with him in spirit.

Years ago, a friend in America invited me to stay with her for a few weeks. After I arranged the flight details, I told my mother I was going away on holidays. (My mother and I weren't living together at the time). It was then she told me she was also going on holidays to America around the same time. She went to Washington and I went to Baltimore. I didn't see her but we spoke on the phone a few times.

Amazing how things work out!


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