Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Power of Knowing

I have observed there is a Power of Knowing within that I can activate by simply knowing.

When I KNOW that I know how to do something, I always know how to do it. I either end up taking the right action or the answer comes to me through someone else.

There's another level to this knowing that I'm discovering - it is when I know and then let the Power of Knowing just work itself out without me taking any action.

While I was working on this, I started having period cramps, I thought to myself: "I KNOW how to stop this pain now!"

The last time I had a period cramp and used the power of knowing, I was inspired to affirm "I am Peace" and the pain was dissolved. This time, I did nothing. The pain was quickly dissolved.

As I was walking home last night my back started itching. I couldn't be bothered to twist my arm so I could scratch myself so I thought: "I KNOW how to stop the itch on my back!" The itching stopped.

When I KNOW I know, that knowing happens.


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