Sunday, 8 January 2012

Now I Get It!

There's one thing I've been puzzled about for many years - the Offside Rule in football.

I've asked friends keen on football to explain the Offside Rule to me but I haven't got it. I've read explanations about the Rule and still haven't got it. I've never given up though on understanding the Rule. I've always known one day I'll finally get it.

Today was that day!

While my brother was visiting this afternoon and we were watching a football match together, I asked him to explain the Offside Rule. He explained it in such a simple way, patiently answering all my questions, that I finally got it.

He also explained what the various football matches are about. I now know the difference between the FA Cup and the Championship League.

Thank you, bro, for your infinite patience!

When I don't give up on understanding something, that thing doesn't give up on revealing itself to me.


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