Monday, 2 January 2012

No Room for Doubt

I believe mankind's greatest enemy is not fear but doubt.

If I'm feeling fearful, I can still take action and learn from the consequences of my actions, which I can always turn to my good anyway.

Doubt is a whole new ball game.

Once the seed of doubt has been sown, I'm no longer in my full power. How can I expect to manifest something when I'm not sure about myself?

I believe one way to defeat doubt is to always know 100%.

Speaking of which, earlier on I had a discussion with my mother about a character that used to appear on a popular TV soap. She was adamant that the character's name was Hilda but I knew that wasn't the character's name but couldn't remember the name. Then the name Thelma Barlow popped up in my head and I told mum that was her name. Mum was convinced she was right and I was wrong. I decided to let our friend, Google, decide and looked up the name. It turns out Thelma Barlow is the actress's real name and Mavis was her character's name.

That's one thing I admire about my mother - even when she's wrong, she says it with such conviction that if you're not careful she could easily sway you to her point of view.

I know my limits.

When I know something, I know it 100%. However, when I am not sure about something, I'm not sure 100%.

When I know or know I don't know 100%, there's never any room for doubt.

Where there is no doubt, I'm always in my full power. Then when I put out an intention, I expect 100% result.


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