Monday, 2 January 2012

Never Mind!

As I was approaching the bus stop, I saw my bus was just leaving. I thought to myself I was going to wait for another 10 minutes for my next bus. I was in no mood to wait. When the next bus came, which travels via another route, I figured I would travel on that one for a change and walk the rest of the way.

As I was getting on the bus, I could see another bus approaching in the distance but I couldn't make out the bus number. I decided to get on the bus anyway.

At some point during the bus journey, the bus behind overtook us. I realised that was the bus route I usually travel on. Never mind! I've made my decision now so I'm going to just live with it and enjoy the journey. The journey was quite fast and there was no traffic in the city as a lot of people were off work.

By the end of the journey I started feeling stomach gripe. When I got off the bus I felt my period was starting earlier than expected. Fortunately, there was a public toilet close by which I went into to see to my business. I was so glad I had listened to my intuition and had some tampons in my bag.

Regardless of appearances, everything always work out for the best.


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