Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Experience with Shinki

Years ago, as part of my quest for healing I trained in Reiki, a technique that helps you tap into universal energy for your personal use and to help others. For a short while, I practised on myself first and then on others. Then I moved on to experimenting with other healing modalities including spiritual healing.

Although I don't practise Reiki in the traditional sense now, I'm still interested in how it's "evolving." I discovered a website recently where through experimenting with energy, Reiki practitioners, Dragan Pavlovic and Don Beckett, found a way of accessing Shinki directly. Check out the website for further details.

As I was curious to experience Shinki, I arranged to have three 15 minutes distance sessions with the practitioners.

Just before the agreed time of our first session, I started feeling energy building up, which felt warm. During the session, I was experiencing period pain so I lay my hands on my abdomen and the pain stopped. I also experienced a lot of mental activity in the form of thoughts and visions. I watched the thoughts pass by in rather the same way the sky must observe clouds passing below with detachment. I emailed Don and described my experience, which I felt was tainted by those thought forms. I said in our next session, I was going to filter out the thoughts and see how I feel.

In the second session, I was just still and had no thoughts. This time, I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary; I just felt immense peace the way I do when I'm being still and being the Presence aka my True Self.

In the final session, again I just felt peaceful the same way that I feel when I'm being still.

I believe being the Presence or being in inner silence is the same as accessing Shinki. I see Shinki as a shortcut to experiencing Self-realisation. In other words, instead of spending years practising how to still the mind so you can access that God-power, Shinki can give you a direct experience of your true essence of being. Naturally, you have to continue to practise connecting to Shinki for it to have any impact on your daily experiences, just like I have to practise being in stillness to experience real living.

During my email exchanges with Don, he asked me if I've ever considered sharing the Presence/Shinki directly with others. I told him I currently share in writing my experiences of the Presence in my every day life. Although I have considered sharing direct experience of Being with others before, I'm very wary of pursuing it because I don't want to be treated as some "guru." It's important for me to lead a normal life.

I did ask my mother if she would consider being my guinea pig so I could practise sharing the Presence directly with her and she was very willing. You can read about that experience here.

Thank you very much, Don and Dragan, for the gift of Shinki.



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