Wednesday, 4 January 2012

More about Wealth

What is wealth? Is wealth just how much money and stuff you've accumulated?

Let's take money as an example.

What if you have amassed a fortune in the bank? If the economy collapses, your fortune is wiped out instantly

What if you have invested in stocks and shares? if the value of those stocks and shares drop, so does your fortune.

What if you've invested in property? If the property market falls or there is some kind of "natural disaster" that your insurance company won't cover, you end up losing a fortune.

Even if your wealth is secure, what about your health? There are people who are extremely wealthy and are in pursuit of well being. Even if you can afford to pay for the best in medical care, there's only so much doctors can do.

There's another kind of wealth that is not affected by the rise and fall of man-made wealth. That wealth can be found in the Genius within aka the Lord, aka the Self, aka God.

You have to know that the Genius is your real Self and trust in Him.

The Genius then reveals Itself as real wealth which can heal you, can provide for you, make you happy and set you free from human limitations.

In material terms, I have nothing; and yet, I am wealthy beyond my wildest imagination.

The experiences I am sharing on my blogs are demonstrations of my real wealth from the Genius within.

May you all be blessed with Real Wealth!


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