Wednesday, 4 January 2012

More about the Power of Wonder - In Practice

In More about the Power of Wonder, I said the easiest way I find to activate the Genius within all of us is to wonder about what I wish to experience either generally or specifically and the wonder literally comes to life. I also shared my insights with my mother and invited her to have fun wondering.

Later, mum told me what happened after playing with the idea.

"I was thinking about what you'd said about wondering and I decided to test it," mum said. "So before I got up I looked at the phone and said. 'I wonder if you're going to ring the moment I'm not sitting next to you?' As soon as I got to the bedroom, the phone started ringing."

"Was it when I was calling you?" I said.


"That's good, but you used the power of wonder in a negative way!" I said.

"How was it negative?" mum said.

"You complain sometimes that the phone rings when you're not sitting next to it, remember, which means you don't like it when that happens. You ended up creating what you don't want with the power of wonder. That's what I mean about it being negative."

"Are you saying the power works whether you want it or not?"

"Yes, that's why you have to be very careful about what you wonder about - that it's what you really want - as you'll end up creating it."

"But I didn't really mean it, I was only playing!"

"Exactly! The Wonder is very playful in nature. When we wonder, we invoke the playfulness in all of us. You ended up invoking the playfulness in me, that's why I was inspired to call you when you weren't sitting next to the phone. While the phone was ringing I was thinking to myself 'trust mum to be away from the phone when it's ringing!'"

"At least it does work!" she said.

I'm glad my mother tested the Power of Wonder. It does work!


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