Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More about Knowing

While I was at my friend's place, we got chatting about an American sci-fi TV series I used to watch years ago but neither of us could remember the name. I repeated to myself "I KNOW the name!" I could easily have Googled it but I decided to just relax and let my knowing happen. The name soon popped up in consciousness - The X Files.

As I was staying the night at my friend's, I was aware that I needed to wake up at a certain time, which is a lot earlier than I'm used to. I wanted to wake up before the alarm went off. As I don't wear a watch I kept waking up and wondering what time it was.

Then I decided to relax and told myself that I will KNOW when to wake up.

During my sleep, I saw the number 7 flash in my mind's eye. I had a feeling it was 7 am but the alarm didn't go off. I went back to sleep. Not long after, the alarm went off.

My friend told me he'd set the alarm to go off at 7.10.

When I KNOW that I know, I always know how, why and when.


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